March/April 1994, p.10

Turning Off The Faucet: T.A. Brings Highway Fight To Westchester

As part of its role within the 14 member Tri-State Transportation Campaign, T.A. is working with groups such as the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County to stop the State Department of Transportation's plan to add one or two HOV lanes to the 12 miles of I287 (the Cross Westchester Expressway) between the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the Connecticut border.

The State DoT's tired plan is yet another attempt to accommodate more cars by expanding highways. (See The HOV Hoax" May/June '93 AF Press.) This effort marks the first time that T.A. has had a chance to strike at the "upstream" suburban source of much of the influx of cars entering NYC.

T.A. and numerous Mid-Hudson and NYC civic, and environmental groups are asking the State to consider non-highway options such as increasing tolls for solo drivers on the Tappan Zee Bridge, or having businesses charge their employees to park (using the money collected to subsidize transit riders, cyclists and walkers). T.A. is also urging a closer look at light rail, and converting existing lanes to HOV use. Look for more updates in AFP as this campaign progresses.

Urge that non-highway alternatives be very closely reconsidered before any step forward is made towards expanding I-287.

Write: Mr. John Egan, Commissioner, NY State Dept of Transportation, 5 Governor Harriman State Campus, Albany, NY 12232

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