July/August 1994, p.2

Walking News

Streets don't have to be car-free to be walkable, but it doesn't hurt Fulton Street near City Hall has had midday car-free hours for over a year. Local merchants and pedestrians like it, and it is likely to become permanent The Fulton Street project is the first accomplishment of the year-old DoT Pedestrian Program. The Grand Central Partnership has begun their own car-free lunch hour on Vanderbilt Ave. near the train terminal. The experiment was approved by the DoT despite vociferous objections by Community Board 6.

Three Strikes You Walk
TA joined City Council Majority Leader Peter Vallone, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau, and Dominic Chieco, whose family was struck down by a drunk and unlicensed driver in May, to discuss measures to get dangerous drivers off of NYC streets. TA emphasized the systematic failure of City and State agencies to address the problem, Speaker Vallone presented new legislation which would allow the seizure of a motorist's vehicle after only three license suspensions instead of 10.

Where We Hate To Walk
Intersection of Atlantic, Flatbush and 4th Aves., Brooklyn: "Where LIRR commuters emerge is a crossing from Hell." -J.B. Elmont, NY

168th and Fort Washington, Manhattan: "How ironic (and how fortunate for me) that one of the most treacherous intersections I've ever had to cross is in front of a hospital." -D.T., Manhattan

30th Ave. and 31 St, Queens: "Home of the reverse, high speed, U-turn. Demented livery cab drivers terrorize pedestrians leaving the elevated N train." -A.S., Astoria

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