November/December 1995, p.4-5

Cycling News

Old Bike Lanes to Get New Paint
The DOT announced plans recently to repaint the bike lanes on Broadway, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, Lafayette Street, and Hicks Street by November 15, including a new larger bike stencil. As we went to press, work had already started on the 5th Avenue lane.

Write to: DOT Commissioner Elliot Sander, 40 Worth St., NYC, 10013. Say thanks for maintaining an important piece of bicycle infrastructure.

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New Queens Bike Lane
Praise also goes to the DOT's John Benfatti for keeping his eyes open as 34th Avenue in Queens was being torn up for sewer reconstruction. When the prolect is finished (it's 80% done), DOT will paint a bike lane where there was none before.

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New Brooklyn Bridge Entrance Planned
The DOT is planning an overhaul of the Brooklyn Bridge's nightmarish Manhattan entrance. Planners are considering several designs, including one that would close Centre Street to southbound traffic and create a pedestrian mall from City Hall Park to the bridge's bike/pedestrian path. It's a truly visionary plan; we hope the city acts on it to create a grand and wonderful entrance to the world's most famous bridge.
Express your support!

Write to:
DOT Commissioner
Elliot Sander
40 Worth St.
NYC, 10013.

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Lost in the Big Apple?
The Departments of City Planning and Transportation are working with T.A. to produce a citywide bicycle map.

It's still just being planned, but it promises to be a great resource for many years. Thanks go out to the 20 Transportation Alternatives members who have helped the agencies design the recommended bike route system for the map.