November/December 1995, p.7

T.A. Lights Up the Williamsburg

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Nearly 100 bicyclists and walkers took part in Transportation Alternatives' October 18 rally for better conditions on the Williamsburg Bridge path. Gathering to the shouts of "Whose Bridge? Our Bridge!," demonstrators demanded better lighting, a smoother surface, and more police protection.

Following a December 1994 rally and months of T.A. advocacy, the city Department of Transportation agreed to install temporary, vandal-resistant lighting along the bridge's main span. This is welcome relief to the bridge's 1,000 daily users, who will now be able to see the lane's deteriorated steel plate surface, also scheduled for repairs.

The lights are coming just in time-Daylight Savings Time ended on October 29, so the post-5 pm crowd will be running the bridge in the dark until the lights arrive. Many of the demonstrators were thrilled to hear that the lights were returning, but expressed skepticism about the city's intention to follow through.

Write To: DOT Commissioner Elliot Sander, 40 Worth St., NYC, 10013. Thank him for replacing the path's lighting and ask for regular maintenance of the lights and the path.