November/December 1995, p.11

Tour de Bronx
Four Hundred Cyclists Explore Borough

By Alredo Garcia

I rode the T.A.-inspired Tour de Bronx on Sunday, October 9. Along the way, I saw the kind of diversity I rarely see at most NYC bike trips. Parents brought young children, and many people rode interesting bicycles, one customized almost like a motor scooter, playing Latino music. Another man's bike even waved two flags of Puerto Rico. Senior citizens rode in good health. In all, some 300 people participated.

Escorted by the NYPD, we rode through various Bronx neighborhoods, hearing banter in English and Spanish from bystanders, asking what this mass ride was about. "Come with us next year, with a bike," I told them. Several well-wishers applauded.

I came away with a renewed appreciation of the Bronx, especially the nice areas one can cycle through. The future will be bright if the Bronx Greenway Plan is actualized.

T.A. Bronx Committee Gets It Done

  • At T.A.'s urging, Borough President Fernando Ferrer extended to October 8th the car-free Grand Concourse Sundays, to October 8th.
  • The committee convinced DOT Bronx Commissioner Leon Hayward to pave the unpaved part of the Orchard Beach bike path in 1996.
  • The committee painted and cleaned the Bronx section of the T.A. NYC Century.