November/December 1995, p.12-13

Views of the Century '95
"The best way to see New York"

"I've lived in New York for 47 years; the ride took me through amazing places I'd never seen. Thank you!"

There is a chill in the air and the sun sets earlier each day, which can only mean one thing, the finish of another NYC Century Bike Tour. This year's Century was stupendous, the best yet. Over 3,300 people rode this year-half of them the full machine came from Philadelphia by bicycle, Century. Congratulations to all the riders!

We've heard a slew of great stories from day, but none better than Gil Gilmore's. The Century Starts pretty early in the morning you think you felt tired at the end of the day! Century starts pretty early in the morning. And if you're coming from out of town, it's even earlier. But this triple-Century riding machine came from Philadelphia by bicycle, marshaled the 100 mile course and then rode to Westchester en route to Connecticut. And you think you felt tired at the end of the day! The fastest Century was completed in about 5 and hours by Ray Diaz, a bike racer from the Breakaway Courier team. The youngest raider $256, making him this year's second-prize fundraiser rider to finish was 7, the oldest 72.

This year's top fundraising prize goes, once again, to Simon Walsh. In his first year raising top dollar, Simon won a brand new bike; the next year, one for his wife; this year, Simon won an array of excellent bounty, including a pair of EccoSport panniers, a Quadrachain, and two Vistalites! Simon raised over $1,200-thanks Simon.

Ross French's clever postcards helped him raise $256, making him thise year's second prize fundraiser. Ross hasn't yet selected the loot he will take home; no doubt it will make his riding more fun. Thanks so much to all the other riders who went out and found sponsors. You too will be riding safer with your Vista-Lites!

Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, marshals, friends, and of course, riders! See you all Sunday, September 8, 1996- save the date!

"Great road markings, super sights and wonderful weather."