November/December 1995, p.15

Commuter(s) of the Month
Baxt & Boschen, Architects
Ben Baxt, Dick Boschen, Michael Ingui, and Kimberly Neuhaus

Homes: Ben, Dick, and Mike live in Brooklyn: Ben in Cobble Hill, Dick in Park Slope, Mike in Carroll Gardens. Kimberly lives near Union Square.
Bikes: Everyone figures that an inexpensive bike is less likely to be stolen. Ben and Dick ride old Schwinns, Mike a $75 Raleigh, and Kim a Diamond Back frame "with bits and pieces of everything that my boyfriend put on it."
Locks: The Brooklyn guys go with U-locks, while Kimberly uses a steel chain.
Theft: Only two. Ben once lent a bike to a former employee who only locked the front wheel. All but the wheel disappeared. Dick left a bike outside a store for a minute.
Commutes: The Brooklyn crowd rides the Brooklyn Bridge. Ben and Mike take Clinton to get there, while Dick winds through Boerum Hill. Kimberly uses Broadway downtown and Lafayette and Fourth uptown. "I love the Lafayette bike lane," she says.
Weather: Year-round, except for rain and snow.
Parking: The ideal situation everybody Parks in the office.
Best Moment: The Brooklynites agree that the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is a transforming experience. Kim says, "My best biking moment was T.A.'s New York Century."
Worst Moment: Dick: "On Court Street, a car cut me off and crushed my front tire, while I flew over the hood." Kimberly: "I once got harassed by a car service driver who said nasty obscene and threatening things for three blocks on Lafayette Street."
Why do you ride? Mike: "Why should I pay $2.50 for a 30-minute ride that I can do in 15 minutes for free?" Ben: "I miss it when I don't ride. I feel empty or lost."

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