May/June 1996, p.7

Bike Shorts

"Dollar-a-Day" Bike Parking-Indoors!

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The Rudin Management Co. has installed bike racks in two more of its garages. For just a buck a day you can lock your bike indoors at the following garages: Pine and Water Streets and 71st Street east of 3rd Avenue. The garage at Pine and Water Streets is the first in the downtown financial district to provide bicycle parking. Call TA. for a full list of bike-friendly garages see the July/August issue of Transportation Alternatives.

Rudin Management president Brad Shey inaugurates the 71st Street bike rack with TA. Bicycle Program Director Jesse Kalb.

The CityRacks Never Sleep

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The NYC DOT "CityRacks" program is in full swing. At press time, 40 new bike racks-more than the city has installed, ever-had sprouted on sidewalks all over the city, with 1000 racks slated for installation by year's end.

If you'd like a rack at your favorite bar, restaurant or movie theater, call the DOT CityRacks office for an application: 212-442-7705. And there's more! You can decide where the racks go! T.A. will train volunteer rack inspectors on Wednesday May 22. Call the TA. office for time and place.

T.A. is glad to see the bike racks, but the system is far from ideal. The DOT installs sign posts and parking meters car-parking devices) without the miles of red tape required for bike racks (bicycle-parking devices). T.A. continues to fight for sensible sidewalk "furniture" rules-current NYC standards are the strictest in the country.

Bike-Friendly LIRR? Make It Happen!

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Help make the Long Island Rail Road more bike-friendly! T.A. is lobbying the LIRR for better bike access to new trains, same-day bike passes, extra weekend bike trains, a unified Metro-North/LIRR bike pass and more bikes per train. To work for a more bike-friendly LIRR, call Jesse Kalb Transportation Alternatives.