September/October 1996, p.14

Volunteer Profiles

Several members have asked us how they can get more involved in the day-to-day life of Transportation Alternatives. Historically, volunteers have participated in a wide range of T.A. activities, from organizing major campaigns to monitoring the lights and safety on a particular bridge. Others help write and design the newsletter. The possibilities for involvement are infinite, limited only by your interest and amount of free time. Below we introduce two out of the hundreds of volunteers who support T.A. in a variety of ways.

Carter Craft
Occupation: Marketing for book publishing company
T.A. member since: August 1995
Why joined T.A.: Because T.A. advocates the same ways of getting around that I do.
Hours per month: 10
Volunteer activity: Campaign to expand Union Square Park, since December 1995.
Reason for getting involved: Pride in where I live. I see Union Square Park as an island of green in the middle of a moat of traffic. The part, our oasis of public space, should be expended so that it connects to the neighborhood. By attending community board meetings, organizing postcard campaigns and working with local businesses, I've learned a lot about building a coalition and ultimately expanding the park.

Sam Lunsford
Occupation: Recent NYU graduate with a degree in Urban Design
T.A. member since: July 1996
Why joined T.A.?: I heard about T.A. through school, and came into the office to do some research on a project I was doing. I joined because I'm a big fan of cycling as a means of urban transportation, and I think what T.A. does is great.
Hours per month: 20
Volunteer activity: Office mailings, sending out membership cards and renewal notices.
Reason for getting involved: I'm pleased to know that the little bit that I can do can have a huge impact on running a successful advocacy organization.