January/February 1997, p.5

Volunteer Profile: John McLaughlin

Occupation: Retired meat manager for food store
Neighborhood: Long Beach, Long Island
T.A. member since: May, 1995
Why joined TA.: I've been a cyclist - and walker - for many years, and when I heard about T.A., I thought its vision for the city was in line with my views.
Volunteer activity: I like to do the office mailings and membership renewals.
Hours per week: About two hours on average.
Reason for getting involved: Since I'm retired, I've had time to volunteer for different organizations. I used to be a volunteer museum guide and I worked with children's groups, so when I learned about T.A. I thought I'd give a hand. It's a good cause, and I think it deserves volunteers. I really like the people I've met at the office. I've found that when you work with people who are dedicated, it's easy to do the same and give back a little.