July/August 1997, p.3

Publisher's Letter: See You in Court, Paul

The most patient man in New York City is leaving the T.A. staff to attend Fordham Law School. For the last four years Paul "sue the bastards" Harrison has given his all to T.A. in his work for sane transportation policy. As the voice of the NYC pedestrian, Paul has demanded safer streets in the Times, News, Post and in community weeklies. This year, Paul pushed crucial legislation for slower speed limits on neighborhood streets through both City and State bureaucracy. Thanks in large part to Paul's persistence, the long-overdue law should pass later this year.

Maybe nice guys do finish first. Paul's kind demeanor has enabled him to channel the energies of frustrated and fractious New York City communities towards a new era in which the concerns of pedestrians and neighborhoods come first before the need to move traffic. It was his genial nature and fundamental decency that turned T.A.'s Neighborhood Street Network coalition into a politically potent team of 30 civic groups. The Network took to the streets in west Brooklyn to win a precedent setting traffic calming plan.

Apart from his talents as an advocate, Paul has also served as the production powerhouse for Transportation Alternatives magazine. Not only has lie mastered the art of computer layout, he has on on his bike to take the sorely-needed snapshot or made last-minute calls to fill in crucial facts. As a writer, photographer, designer as well as office ombudsman and advocate, Paul will be missed terribly at T.A. However, we wish him all the best in his career as an environmental lawyer, and look forward to the day he represents T.A. before the courts.

John Kaehny

Paul and Governor Pataki hang out at the Rockefeller Center Subway Station