September/October 1997, p.2

Commuter of the Month: Hilda Perez

Occupation: Purchaser
TA Member since: 12/96
Bike Commuting since: 1995
Why did you start? Financial reasons. I had a lot of bills at the time. Now, it's great to get exercise and to get somewhere under your own power. And, now I'm on time for work more now than when I rode the subway.
What is your commute? From near Pratt Institute down DeKalb to Flatbush to the Brooklyn Bridge and then up Centre St. to SoHo.
Bike: Specialized mountain bike accessorized with a rear rack, 2 rear panniers, mirrors, bells and fenders.
Parking: I park inside at work, though it takes a while to bring the bike to the sub-basement.
Obstacles conquered: Car doors opening and cabs stopping ahead of you.
Equipment: I use my bell a LOT. I also carry a spare tube, patch kit and tiny first aid kit.
Weather experiences? I survived an ice storm a couple of years ago. The bridge iced up terribly, and I was turning but the wheels were just spinning. I fell over. It was so slick I couldn't walk either, so I took my shoes off and walked in my socks to keep my balance.
Memorable ride: I did T.A.'s NYC Century once. I rode 120 miles total that day. It was great, though I didn't realize my neck would hurt so much.
Riding style: I don't ride too easy or too hard; I keep a steady pace.
Memorable quotes: When my bike was all loaded down in winter, a cabby pulled up and remarked, 'YOU are well equipped."
Frustrations: I never cuss at all, well, maybe once at my sister a long time ago. Returning from a ride in Central Park one evening, I was turning a corner when a driver told me to move over and then yelled at me at the light. I said, "I have a right to be in the road." At the next light, I called him an ass. Seasons / weather: I ride in all weather except heavy snow or when it's really

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