March/April 1998, p.5

Bike Unit Targets Traffic Violators

Last November, the NYPD's Traffic Control Division launched a bike unit, marking the first time in 80 years that officers on bicycle were detailed to enforce traffic laws. The move benefits all city cyclists. Motorists who see/or are ticketed by authority figures on bicycles are less apt to use the next cyclist they see for target practice.

The ten specially-trained officers have been plying Midtown streets to target drivers who run red lights, block crosswalks or drive or double-park in bicycle lanes. The unit also discourages bicyclists from riding on the sidewalk or against traffic. From January 1 to mid-February this year, the officers issued summonses to 426 motorists for moving violations, 142 drivers for blocking bike lanes, and to 203 bicyclists for riding against traffic and on sidewalks. T.A. has been urging the unit to concentrate more proportionally on motorists.

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