March/April 1998, p.5

Pothole Crusaders

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"A month ago, I was thrown to the ground by an unseen pothole and I cracked my helmet and bruised all parts of me," says Stuart Desser, T.A. member and Operation Hazard ID volunteer. Close calls are everywhere with cars driving too fast, too close, and asphalt broken into rude topography." His story is far too common among NYC cyclists. Constantly, we must watch out not only for double-parked cars and opening doors but pavement hazards too!

Motor-minded DOT maintenance crews often ignore potholes that leave cars unscathed but can leave a cyclist sprawled on the asphalt pondering a pretzeled wheel. That's why T.A. launched Operation Hazard. Coordinator Nigel Hall and T.A. volunteers have been surveying First Avenue through Eighth Avenue, between First St. and 60th St., notifying the DOT of all pavement hazards.

To date, surveys of First, Second, Third, Fifth and Eighth Avenues have been submitted. Theoretically, the DOT should fix the problems within 15 days, but a recent inquiry shows that DOT has fixed only 4 of the 12 potholes investigated. Step on it, folks!

Special thanks to Operation Hazard ID volunteers Simon Bertrang, Stuart Desser, and Chris Rohner for their excellent work.