March/April 1998, p.8

Reclaiming the Sidewalks

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It can be pretty annoying witnessing the media bias which depicts bicycles as the biggest threat to pedestrians. Of course we know the whole thing is baloney, and the numbers bear us out. According to NYS DOT data, from 1989-94, cars struck 1980 pedestrians and killed 46 on the sidewalk in NYC. A pedestrian is far more likely to be seriously injured on the sidewalk by a car than a bicycle. A recent Daily News cover story, "Crash City" highlights this - ten pedestrians injured due to cars jumping the curb in one weekend!

Given the huge numbers of sidewalk jumping incidents, the DOT should use its sophisticated mapping software to pinpoint all the sidewalks crashes. Then protective bollards (posts) and traffic calming devices should be placed in high-risk areas. Some sites might include: 8th Ave at W.41st St, Lenox Ave at W.125th St and 6th Ave at W.53rd St.