March/April 1998, p.9

Safe Routes To School Creates Traffic Calming Stir In The Bronx

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The Safe Routes to School program has tapped into an issue important to elementary schools and the communities that surround them. Parents, teachers, community boards and school boards are welcoming traffic calming as a solution to perilous streets and are jumping at the chance to make their children's travels safe.

An unexpected benefit of the Safe Routes to School program has been support for traffic calming measures via legislation from local elected officials. City Councilmember Adalfo Carrion is proposing legislation to make speed humps mandatory in front of schools. In addition, Carrion, along with fellow Councilmembers Jose Rivera and Pedro Espada, are lending their support to the "slow speed" legislation in the NY State Legislature.

Safe Routes to School programs are up and running in P.S. 27, P.S. 48, P.S. 156, P.S. 226, P.S. 23 P.S. 246 and Our Lady of Refuge. As the word gets out that traffic calming devices are an effective means to remedy the epidemic of traffic-related injuries, we hope to continue to hear from local elected officials.

Tell Council Leader Peter Vallone to pass the slow speed home rule message now!
Peter Vallone
City Council Majority Leader
City Hall, New York, New York 10007
Fax: (718) 726-0357

To: City Council
From: NYC Pedestrians and Cyclists
Re: Pass The Home Rule Message For Real Traffic Calming Now

T.A., along with the Neighborhood Streets Network, is pushing for state legislation to permit NYC to design traffic calmed streets at 15 mph. However, before there is any more progress in Albany, the City Council must support this "slow speed" legislation via a home rule message by April 1, 1998. Urge your Councilmember to support pedestrian safety and slow speed zones.