March/April 1998, p.11

T.A. in the News
When the issue is pedestrians or cyclists, the press turns to T.A. for sensible insights

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"In New York City, your odds are much greater of being killed by a stranger with a car than by a stranger with a gun," said Transportation Alternatives. Jan. 23, 1998, New York Times

Transportation Alternatives seemed the mayor's obsession with pedestrians. The mayor, T.A. suggested, should "ride the train or walk or ride a bike to know what's really going on. Walkers make the city what it is." Feb. 1, 1998, Newsday

Three members of the bicycle and mass transit advocacy group [Transportation Alternatives] attempted to deliver [more than 2,000 signed postcards] to Howard Golden at Borough Hall....The postcards urge Golden "to push for the largest possible expansion of car-free hours [in Prospect Park]" and "increased park traffic rules enforcement" against speeders and illegal vehicles in the park. Dec. 22, 1997, Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill Courier

One transit advocate slammed the plan [to crackdown on jaywalking]. "It's blowing smoke. What's really going on in this town is that pedestrians are beleaguered," said Transportation Alternatives. Jan. 13, 1998, Daily News

"The bike lane on St. Nicholas Avenue runs past every major house of worship in Harlem, and we haven't heard any complaints," said T.A. "So [we] think there's another issue here." Metro Gnome Column, "Intolerance in Borough Park," Nov. 24, 1997, New York Post

"Bicyclists kill slightly less than one person a year. There's no doubt that motor vehicles are far and above the greatest problem, [said Transportation Alternatives." Dec. 8 ,1997, New York magazine