May/June 1998, p.3

Operation Hazard I.D.

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Daily commuters know intimately the many perils of New York City streets. Dooring and reckless driving are threats that can be corrected only by educating motorists to share the road and look out for those of us who choose not to enclose ourselves in metal boxes. Potholes, however, are an easy fix. A little asphalt fill equals less worry for cyclists. Transportation Alternatives is working to speed the street maintenance process. Phase II of T.A.'s Operation Hazard ID has just been completed, identifying and reporting all the hazards from First through Eighth Avenues, from First through 60th Streets. The NYC DOT is on notice of the hazards as of April 20th, 1998. Under law, the City has fifteen days to fix the hazards before becoming liable for any injury caused by the cited hazard. If anyone would like to view the hazard database, please feel free to contact Nigel at Transportation Alternatives.