July/August 1998, p.7

Cycling Cartography

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In May, the NYC Dept. of City Planning unveiled bicycling maps for Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, completing the set of NYC Cycling Maps begun in 1997, when maps of the Bronx and Staten Island were first distributed. The maps show established greenways and bike lanes, recommended on-street routes and detailed bridge access routes, and are handy tools for navigating NYC neighborhoods.

Maps are available free at the Dept. of City Planning bookstore. 22 Reade St. Hours: M-F 10am-1pm and 2-4pm. Or, check your local bike shop.

T.A. has a limited supply of the Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan maps available by mail to current members. Send us a self-addressed stamped *with 55 cents* envelope for the first map. For each additional map, include *23 cents* extra in postage on the envelope. Please use a No. 10 envelope (9.5" x 4") or larger.