July/August 1998, p.9

Riverbank Park Bike Ban Reversed

Bus access to Riverbank Park helped secure bike access.Riverbank State Park has overturned its bicycle ban instituted last September (see T.A. Mar/Apr issue). Park administrators announced the policy change in a letter to T.A., acknowledging that the park "could not forbid bicycles from riding on the paved ... area (where buses enter, park and dispatch from inside the park)."

As of June 1st, cyclists may use the 145th street driveway to enter the park. Bicycle parking will be allowed only at the racks located at the bottom of the 145th St. driveway, or at the entrance gates at 145th or 137th Streets. Riding inside the park on pedestrian paths is still prohibited.

The change came after a series of meetings between T.A., park administrators and the Friends of Riverbank. T.A. pointed out that because the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law treats bicycles as vehicles, bicycles have the same rights of roadway access as motor vehicles.