July/August 1998, p.10

Unwanted Convoy

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In neighborhoods around the city truck traffic with its cacophony of diesel engines, noxious fumes and earthquake-level vibrations, is getting worse. It's estimated that within the next two years truck trips will increase from approximately 10,000 to 13,000 a day in Brooklyn alone.

With truck traffic growing, NYC is turning to some downright illegal tactics. For example, without consulting the community, DOT designated Linden Boulevard, a primarily residential street in Brooklyn, as a truck route to JFK Airport. According to the Traffic Rules of the City of New York, Linden Blvd. is part of the local truck network but trucks are limited to delivery, loading or servicing within the Borough of Brooklyn. For the DOT to direct trucks from the Prospect Expressway in Brooklyn to JFK in Queens by way of Linden Blvd. is a blatant violation of city code.

Local residents are outraged. "Now we have 18-wheelers and 22-wheelers plowing down our street. Children can't even cross the street without fear of being crushed," said Marcella Williams of the Linden Boulevard Neighborhood Improvement Association.
So far complaints to DOT and elected officials have fallen on deaf ears but the group is determined to rid their neighborhood of these 80,000- pound monsters.

Tips for dealing with trucks.

  • Get a copy of the NYC Truck Route Network. Write to Department of Transportation, Office of Transportation Modeling, 40 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013
  • Meet with NYPD local precinct commanding officer and request more frequent enforcement.
  • Join the Neighborhood Streets Network, a coalition of 50 block associations, neighborhood groups and PTAs, working to make our streets quieter, safer and friendlier. Call T.A. at 212-629-8080 for more information.