July/August 1998, p.16

Good Luck to 1997-98 T.A. Interns!

Jennifer Rodriguez

Program: Henry Street Settlement's Urban Force Program
Occupation: Sophomore art student at F.I.T. High School. I'm most interested in drawing and sketching. I've also been studying painting, illustration and color technology.
Favorite Artists: DaVinci and Michelangelo.
Future Plans: Go to college to study business. Then I can put the business and art together for a career.
What'd you think about T.A.? At first it seemed so busy all the time. It still does, but I've gotten used to it - I'm always occupied! I've learned a lot about computers, voicemail and the membership database. Next year, I'll be using computers in art. Maybe I can come back help with T.A. design work!
Do you ride a bike? Not right now. My last bike was this little kid's bike - pink with no brakes. My mom hated it and threw it out. When I get a bike, I want it to be nice, definitely something with brakes!

Nigel Hall

Program: City & Regional Planning at Pratt Institute
Major T.A. project: Operation Hazard I.D.; It was entertaining seeing all sorts of people out on the street while I was surveying.
What now: Interning at the Dept. of Environmental Protection. I work in the unit that guides companies into compliance with environmental regulations.
When not interning: Surfing cyberspace, riding my bike, or in school.
Why planning/transportation issues? I was biology major doing field research when I did some designing of mountain bike trails in Wisconsin. My interest developed through environmental and planning coursework.
NYC wish list: Better bike lanes & endless miles of trails to ride closeby.
Long term goals: Enviro consulting, a laid back, hassle free life, and more riding.
T.A. High points: When I started working, the Century was in full swing. People were calling and being very aggressive with me on the phone. It was my awakening and welcoming; I'd lived in Wisconsin before and knew nothing about NYC (or the Century!)