September/October 1998, p.16

Volunteer of the Month: James Langergaard

Age: 27
Neighborhood: Maspeth, Queens
Occupation: Philosopher
T.A. Member Since: 1991
How Joined T.A.: Found City Cyclist stuck in spokes of bike while attending Hunter College in Manhattan. 10% member discount looked good.
Volunteer Activities: Certified Master Pilot of T.A. work bike. (Two-wheeled flatbed cargo bike of Danish design.) Many and varied transporting tasks including hauling hundreds of pounds of mailbags full of T.A. newsletters. Distributing bundles of newsletters and Century brochures to bike shops.
Biggest Load Transported: 250 lbs. of mailbags. (Ed note: All-time T.A. work bike record.)
Other Work Bike Feats of Note: Riding table, chairs and lumber from East Village to Staten Island for T.A. table at Bike NY. Ascending Brooklyn Bridge (five occasions) with heavy load. Navigating massive hailstorm in Winter '94. Leaving work bike overnight with doorman at ritzy building on Central Park South while enjoying interlude with San Francisco bike activist.
Other Volunteer Activities: Editing T.A. magazine. Mailing parties for the last five years. Tabling at street fairs with my buddy Jeff Prant.
High Points: Groping around in the pitch black in the old basement office at 92 St. Marks Place and accidentally turning off the power and disabling the phone system after a long day of cargo bike work. Then getting locked in the back yard and having neighboring pizza guys call upstairs to have door opened.
On Biking: Cheaper than subway, but it's a pain in the ass sometimes.
Would You Bike if You Were a Millionaire? Yes, it's part of who I am.
NYC Wish List: Easy, safe, convenient 24-hour access to the Queensboro Bridge. (Note: I don't care about bike lanes.)
Philosophy: Deep down I really don't like cars,- electric, natural gas or whatever. I'm not just here to party.