November/December 1998, p.7

East River Bikeway is AM Parking Lot

It's hard to use the bike lane when it's blocked by a van. Read the latest news about this issue.

Early this fall the Economic Development Corporation opened the first section of what will hopefully be a bikeway extending the entire length of the East River from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to Inwood Hill Park. The bi-directional lane parallels the East River Esplanade and South Street between Fulton Street and Canal Street and features attractive and clear signage, stencils in the roadway with arrows indicating proper direction, and caution bars notifying cyclists of upcoming pedestrian crosswalks.

Write a letter to keep the bike lane clear.Yet there is a major snag. The new route is on property controlled by the Fulton Fish Market. Customers buying fish may park in the bike lane until 11 am on weekdays, rendering the deluxe bikeway useless for morning commuters. It is unacceptable and probably illegal that a bike lane paid for with federal clean air funds (CMAQ) is a parking lot during the period of greatest demand. The Feds should slap the city EDC for this nonsense and demand that either the car parking goes or the City repay the federal funds used to construct the bikeway.

Demand the bikeway be cleared of fish freighting vehicles.

Write to:
Charles Millard, EDC
100 William Street, NY NY 10038

Rodney Slater, USDOT
400 7th St., S.W.
Washington, DC 20590