March/April 1999, p.4

New Williamsburg Pathway Opens!

From the now-closed gritty north side path, bridge riders rally for an end to the delays.Responding to T.A.'s January nighttime march on the bridge and hundreds of cards and letters from frustrated bridge users, the DOT opened the newly built south bike-and-pedestrian path on the Williamsburg Bridge on Feb. 16. The last delay meant eight more months of scary and unsafe conditions, including four sets of stairs on the north side path.

New and much improved south side pedestrian path on the Willy-BThe new path is a vast improvement over the old. It has fewer stairs, fewer expansion joints, and more lights. Veteran bridge users will cross with a smile. With the south side pathway complete, the north pathway is being totally dismantled to allow for J, M and Z subway track rebuilding. By 2003, a new north path will be built, 12 feet wide and ramped at both ends. The north side will be for cyclists and the south for pedestrians. The entire bridge reconstruction will be complete in 2005.

Join T.A. to celebrate the opening of the bridge with a lunchtime ribbon cutting in March with DOT, local Councilmembers and happy Willy-B Bridge users. Call the T.A. office for the date and details.

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