March/April 1999, p.6

Subway Station Bike Parking Vision

T.A. has asked NYC Transit to install bike racks in the Bedford Avenue station on the L line in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as a test, that if successful could be replicated throughout the system.

As illustrated, parking for 16 bikes can be placed near the wall on either side of the station's token booth. The benefits to cyclists are obvious, but the parking also helps NYC Transit by reducing the number of bikes carried on the subway during rush hours. The Bedford Ave. stop, a popular destination for neighborhood cyclists, often has bikes locked to every available fence or railing near its entrance.

Bike-to-transit travel, promoted by the Federal Transit Administration as an environmentally-friendly complement to public transportation systems, has great potential in NYC. Ask President Reuter to take the first step by putting bike parking at the Bedford Ave. station.

See enclosed postcard
and write to:
President Lawrence Reuter
NYC Transit
370 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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