March/April 1999, p.7

Buck-A-Head for Bike Advocacy

Connecticut Bike Coalition, Transportation Alternatives and MassBike have joined together to ask the Boston-New York AIDS Ride to be part of a new "Buck-A-Head for Bicycle Advocacy" campaign, where bike-a-thons, like the AIDS Ride, are being asked to contribute a dollar per rider to support local year-round advocacy work. CBC Executive Director Georgette Yaindl noted that "good and publicly accessible roads, cooperative law enforcement agencies and municipalities, and informed publics," which benefit the events, are the results of full time advocacy work. A dollar per rider contribution would help fund bicycle advocacy projects and programs going on in all three states.

Over the last four years, 17 AIDS rides, produced by Pallotta Team Works of California, have raised $55 million for AIDS charities. Riders raise at least $1500 to participate in the event.

As more and more charity rides spring up, CBC, T.A. and MassBike have found themselves helping the rides - providing advice, promotion, volunteers, and the like - while time and money for much-needed advocacy runs scarce. All three organizations have their own fundraising rides, making helping the "competition" an ever more delicate matter.