March/April 1999, p.10

Speed Humps Become DOT Priority, Get Daily News Support

In a February 8 press release, the Mayor's Office announced that the NYC Department of Transportation had installed 116 speed humps in 1998, most around schools. Interestingly, the DOT highlighted speed humps as one of the agency's five most important accomplishments of the year, alongside pothole repair (51,475 filled since July 1, 1998) and repaving (478 lane miles during the same period). The Daily News endorsed the DOT's new emphasis on speed humps in a February 15 editorial that quoted T.A.'s Susan Boyle as saying, "This is what communities are calling for. This is a traffic tool that works." The News credited DOT Commissioner Wilbur Chapman for "recognizing that making safe streets [sic] doesn't just refer to crime," and blasted "cowboy motorists" who "predictably" complain about the humps.

The DOT press release and subsequent News editorial mark a coming of age for the City's speed hump program. Though the humps are incredibly popular, a relatively small number of ill-informed community board officials and turf-conscious politicians have succeeded in slowing their widespread introduction. Meanwhile, their complaints bolster some DOT traffic engineers who continue to resist their use. Despite these obstructionist efforts, the DOT will reportedly install 29 of the humps in the next 60 days near neighborhood schools. In another sign of progress, The Mayor's Management Report charges the DOT with installing 200 humps in fiscal year 1999, which ends July 1, 1999. T.A. joins the Daily News in applauding the Mayor's and DOT's decision to promote the City's speed hump program.

Write to thank the Mayor and DOT for their promotion of speed humps:

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Wilbur Chapman
Commissioner, NYC DOT
40 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013

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