March/April 1999, p.11

Bronx Speed Hump Challenge

It may say bump, but it's really a hump.  The Bronx wants more of them.In response to the DOT's recent announcement that it will resume the popular program of traffic calming speed humps, the 30 elementary schools involved in The Bronx Borough President's Office's Safe Routes to School program challenged the agency to install the lion's share of those humps near Bronx schools. Their challenge identified the ten Safe Routes schools that have presented the DOT with detailed traffic calming proposals but have been waiting since May 1998 for the agency to take action. The request echoes a similar one issued to the DOT by The Bronx Borough President, Fernando Ferrer. Said the Borough President, "On behalf of the schools and the parents participating in the Safe Routes program, and respecting the work they have done, I offer a friendly challenge to Commissioner Chapman to install speed humps at PS 27, PS 132, PS 156, PS 73, PS 246, PS 81, PS 36, PS 71, PS 105, and PS 103 [by May 1999]."

With the highest rate of child pedestrian death and injury in New York State, The Bronx is the best place for the NYC DOT to renew its traffic calming efforts. These Bronx schools have done their homework and are in full support of the traffic calming devices, making the DOT's job that much easier.

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