May/June 1999, p.7

Station Parking Stymied

New York City Transit has responded with a blanket "no" to the proposal for in-station parking at the Bedford Ave Station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, despite letters of support from community members, City Councilman Kenneth Fisher and Senator Martin Connor. Although T.A. worked with transit agency representatives to be certain that the station itself was large enough to house bike racks for five to seven bikes, NYC Transit contends that the "mezzanine is too small to safely accommodate the installation of bike racks." Further, NYC Transit says that it is concerned about the "safety of customers carrying bicycles down the narrow stairs of the station to the mezzanine." In fact, by failing to install these racks, NYC Transit is encouraging more bicycles on rush hour trains and therefore more bike traffic on the "narrow" flight of stairs to the mezzanine and the second set of stairs to the train platform.

T.A. is continuing to push the proposal with NYC Transit and to work with them to create a solution to the parking dearth for cyclists at the Bedford Ave. station. A new bike parking study by the Department of City Planning proposed sidewalk extensions with bike parking under a bus shelter-type cover. T.A. has asked the NYC Department of Transportation to install such parking at Bedford Ave. as an alternative to in-station parking.

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