May/June 1999, p.12

Mulry Square Redesign by 2001?

In 1994 the Project for Public Spaces (PPS) launched a community planning process aimed at winning a pedestrian friendly design for the dangerous intersection at 7th Ave., 11th St. and Greenwich Ave. In 1996, the DOT agreed to a nine month test of the sidewalk extension plan developed by PPS and Manhattan Community Board 2. DOT's Pedestrian Group simulated the proposed new sidewalk space with plastic bollards and green painted pavement. By all accounts the experiment worked and the real thing was set to be installed in April 1999. Along the way though, DOT got cold feet and decided not to install the sidewalk extension, the keystone of the entire plan. After elected officials and the Community Board complained, the feature was restored. (See "Human Bollards" Jan/Feb 1999 T.A. Magazine.) At long last, DOT's traffic engineers have signed off and sent the project to the Department of Design and Construction which intends to combine it with extensive utility work. As a result, the project's scope, cost and time to completion have all grown substantially. An informed guess puts the project's completion date sometime late in 2001.

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