Summer 1999, p.2

T.A. Web Site Snares Major Kudos

And the award for the best web site goes to....okay, well maybe not the best, but  was listed as one of the Ten Best Bike Web Sites in the new book, Bicycling For Dummies. Just turn to page 269 to read this glowing endorsement: "The [T.A.] site is dedicated to the idea of the bicycle as a viable urban transit option, and it covers that subject inside out." Of the ten, T.A. was the only regional bike advocacy group chosen.

But that's not all. The New York Times City section recently profiled the site's Fiboro Bridges guide. The story discusses the ease of using this great tool to navigate the city by bike or foot. T.A.'s own super volunteer and web maven, Ken Zirkel, told the Times that "biking over bridges is often the quickest, most fun and most beautiful way to get around New York." We couldn't agree more.

This is just the latest in a growing line of recognition. Last year, Entertainment Weekly's Ty Burr profiled our site in depth on NY1 news and gave the site its Editor's Choice Award.

Kudos to Mr. Zirkel who keeps everything at neat and tidy. Thanks also to Steve McMaster, who created the site's index and revamped design on the Fiboro pages. And of course, thanks to those who guided T.A.'s journey into cyberspace: Danny Lieberman, Angus Grieve-Smith, and Paul Banks.