Summer 1999, p.4

T.A. Backs City's Herald Square Pedestrian Improvements

T.A. is urging Community Board 5 and local businesses to back the Dept. of Transportation's new plan to widen sidewalks and create more space for pedestrians at Herald Square. A June article in the New York Times profiled the plan, which would significantly widen sidewalks on both sides of the treacherous intersection of Sixth Avenue and Broadway between 34th and 32nd Streets. More than 250,000 pedestrians travel through the square every day, with thousands squeezed off sidewalks and onto the streets because of crowding. T.A. applauds DOT's Pedestrian Project Group, the project's manager, Sarah Butler, and her boss, Luiz Aragao, for shepherding the pedestrian improvements through the DOT and police traffic bureaucracy.

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Proposed Herald Square Reconfiguration:
Darkened areas will be reclaimed for pedestrians.