Summer 1999, p.4

Slow Speed Bill Cliffhanger

At press time, T.A. still didn't know whether A3896a, the slow speed bill we've worked on for the last three years, would pass the State Assembly. In late June, the Senate passed the bill after a last minute push from sponsor Senator Frank Padavan
(R. Queens/Nassau.) A big thank you to Senator Padavan for the work he put into passing the bill. The Assembly passed the bill last two years and we are optimistic it will again this year. But this is a quirky year in Albany and less than 1% of legislation is passing. The bill gives the City the power to use traffic calming designs that reduce street speed limits to as low as 15mph. After passing the Senate, the bill drew heavy press attention and was featured in the New York Times, Post, Daily News and on numerous TV and radio news programs. T.A. Magazine will feature a complete wrap-up in the next issue. In the meantime, write and thank Senator Padavan for his support.

Frank Padavan, State Senator
89-39 Gettysburg Street Bellerose St., NY 11426

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