Summer 1999, p.6

New Bike Ramp for Queensboro Bridge?

The DOT says it is once again considering a "fly-over" ramp to connect the Queensboro Bridge bike path to Second Avenue at 60th Street. The agency rejected T.A. ís original request for such a ramp four years ago. The fly-over would pass over cars exiting the bridge northbound on No-Name Street (Yes, that is really its name.) Combined with the existing path from the North Outer Roadway to First Avenue, it would create a "Y" design that would provide convenient and safe bridge access to and from both First and Second Avenues. (See the illustration below for an idea of what it might look like.)

In other news, the dedicated bike and pedestrian path on the North Outer Roadway of the Queensboro Bridge will open full time to cyclists and pedestrians one month late in October 1999. However, construction on the path will last at least until March 2000.

Please send in the enclosed postcard to Mayor Giuliani or write and ask him to instruct the DOT to construct the bike/ped fly-over linking the QBB bike path to Second Avenue.

Write to:

Mayor Giuliani
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

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