Summer 1999, p.7

CityRack Summer

Three years after receiving Federal funding for the project, DOT's CityRacks program is ready to install bike racks at 700 locations throughout the City. Officials say they still have 1000 racks in storage, but do not have locations for them. And although DOT says many requests are duplicative, the agency will not release a location list until after the racks are in.

Racks and installation are free for city sidewalk sites, but there are strict rules about where racks can go. In an effort to create more garage parking, CityRacks will also provide racks to private parking garages which have public access.To request a rack, fill out a CityRacks form and send it in. Submit a request online through DOT's website:; or call DOT at 212-442-7705; or call T.A. and we'll fax you a form.

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