Summer 1999, p.7

T.A. Praises ... DOT Removes

The flexible bollards (vertical tubes) on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge which alerted cyclists to the stairway ahead (and applauded by T.A. in the May/June magazine) have been removed and replaced with ineffective signs. The bollards, an innovation of DOT Bike Coordinator John Benfatti, were removed by Jihad Jaber, Chief of DOT's Geometric Roadway Design department, who cited liability concerns. This move is unfortunate because the bollards actually worked. They were impossible to miss - slowing cyclists at stairs and at potential conflict points with pedestrians. On the Williamsburg this is especially important because the south side path will serve both cyclists and pedestrians until the North side bike-only path is completed in the fall of 2002.

Call for the re-installation of the Willamsburg Bridge bollards.

Write to:

Jihad Jaber
Chief of Geometric Roadway Design
Traffic Engineering and Safety
28-11 Queens Plaza N., 7th Fl.
Long Island City, NY 11101

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