Summer 1999, p.7

Ringing in the '99 season of cycling

It's not just about doughnuts and Frappuccino. During Bike Week, T.A. provides encouragement to cyclists and would-be cyclists. T.A. put our entire staff and tens of volunteers on the streets at 15 events citywide to listen to your concerns and publicize the benefits of cycling in the city. What we heard was that people need secure parking - both on-street and off. Cyclists also want safe places to ride, and bike lanes that are kept clear of double-parked cars. No surprises there, but this year's big plus was that, thanks to Sergeant Danaher of the Manhattan Traffic Task Force Bicycle Unit, cyclists were joined by bike officers. The police bike unit was a welcome addition to Bike Week and created a rare sense of camaraderie between officers and their civilian counterparts. T.A. is applying for Federal Transportation Funds with the hope we can make Bike Week bigger, better and more effective. Thanks to all for participating and making Bike Week '99 a success - here's to an even better Bike Week 2000.

Visit the Bike Week Web site.

Special appreciation to . . .
all of the loyal, hardworking T.A. volunteers, with special thanks to Volunteer Bike Week Coordinator Ruth Rosenthal, whose tremendous efforts made Bike Week '99 go down as smoothly as a cool, creamy Frappuccino;

and our sponsors . . .
Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Pick-a-Bagel on 57th Street, New York Greenmarkets, Paragon Sporting Goods and Brooklyn Brewery;

and our friends . . .
Five Borough Bike Club, TIME'S UP!, Bicycle Habitat, Weekday Cyclists, and the
NYC Department of Transportation for safety flashers and vests
NYC Department of City Planning for NYC Bike Maps

and City officials . . .
City Councilmember Adolfo Carrion (Bronx) - the sole elected official to ride to work during Bike Week - plus Manhattan Deputy Borough President Nereida Andino representing Borough President C.Virginia Fields, and Queens Deputy Borough President Peter Magnani representing Borough President Claire Shulman. Mr. Magnani deserves special thanks for attending the last six Bike Weeks. Thanks also to Doris Quinones from the Office of The Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and Daniel Jacobs, who represented Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari. Thanks also to Chris Boyd of the Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden's Office. Finally, special thanks to the Manhattan Traffic Task Force Bicycle Unit, led by Sergeant Danaher, and his boss, Inspector James McShane.

We're turning here! The Thursday Night Brooklyn Bike Commuter Ride began during bike week to provide a safe group ride from the Bridge to Prospect Park. Join them at 6 pm Thursdays at Tillary and Adams St. just off the Brooklyn Bridge. Psst! The Brooklyn Committee continues the fight for a car-free Prospect Park and is doing lots more in Brooklyn, but we need your help too! Contact T.A. to get involved.

Bright, in more ways than one: at the Manhattan Borough President's breakfast, this cyclist signed in; the Borough President's staff also collected signatures supporting a Second Avenue Subway.

Ready to ride - almost: NYPD's Sgt. Danaher refuels; Bicycle Unit Officers were on hand throughout the week to answer questions and mingle with city riders.

On foot? On bike? Read this! Super T.A. volunteers and boosters, Ruth and Michael Rosenthal spread the word at the Columbus Circle breakfast sponsored by Pick -A -Bagel

The bridge commute never looked so good: at Bike Week's new Brooklyn Bridge location, cyclists picked up bells courtesy of the Brooklyn Borough President's office.
Stylish even in the rain: Despite the wet weather, the Astor Place breakfast sponsored by Krispy Kreme and Starbucks, saw close to 175 cyclists including these two sporting beater 3-speeds.

Share breakfast too: Many in The Bronx Borough President's breakfast crowd were decked out in Share the Road vests, provided by the BP, City DOT and distributed by T.A. throughout the week.