Summer 1999, p.10

No Hudson River Greenway in Riverside South Park Plan

A multi-use path stretching from the Battery to the northern tip of Manhattan is tantalizingly close to being built. However, the future of the critical link between 59th and 72nd streets is clouded by an official Riverside South park plan that does not include the greenway. Additionally, many of the political players whose support is needed for both an interim and permanent path are preoccupied with a scheme to relocate and trench the Miller Highway. The elevated Miller Highway is the portion of Route 9A between 59th and 72nd. It runs along the Hudson in the midst of a future Riverside South Park, on land owned by Donald Trump.

It is urgent that a greenway through Riverside South be constructed. To the south, the Route 9A greenway is expected to be complete in the summer of 2000. To the North, work on the greenway is progressing in Riverside Park.

The car-free bike path along Manhattan's Hudson waterfront will be one of the most important bicycling routes in the country. The State DOT's consultants for Route 9A predict that its bike path there will carry more cyclists than any other greenway path in the U.S. - especially if linked with the Upper West Side via Riverside South. Thus, T.A. was surprised to learn that the city-approved plan for Trump's Riverside South development and the park to be built there does not include a greenway path.

While pedestrians are accommodated on a waterfront path, cyclists are placed on the street hundreds of yards away. This is not a greenway. A "greenway" is defined by the Department of City Planning as a "multi-use pathway for non-motorized transportation along linear spaces such as waterfronts, highways and railroads." Groups like the Regional Plan Association and the Municipal Art Society, which stake their reputation on rational urban and transportation planning, actively participated in a plan that will marginalize cyclists and produce a gap in the Hudson Greenway's busiest section. Now, these groups must help change the permanent plan.
Want a bike path along the Hudson? Join T.A.'s Hudson River Greenway Taskforce.

Call John Lindsay at T.A. 212-629-8080.

Write Mayor Giuliani. Tell him you support both an interim and permanent Hudson River Greenway through Riverside South.
Mayor Giuliani
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New York, NY 10007


Site Visit Boosts Prospects for Interim Path

In June, T.A. joined representatives from the Riverside South Planning Corp., the Trump Organization, the State DOT, the Departments of City Planning and Parks, Community Board 7, the Hudson River Park Trust, City Councilmember Ronnie Eldridge, and Congressman Jerry Nadler for a visit to the site of a proposed interim bike and pedestrian path along the Hudson River from 59th to 72nd streets through property owned by developer Donald Trump. The path is intended to link the Route 9A bike path with city greenways in Riverside Park. (See photos left and above.)

The next step is for planners from the State DOT, City Planning and Parks to meet and draft a path plan and cost estimate.

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