October/November 1999, p.8

DOT Mum on QBB Flyover

Over the summer, T.A. twice urged the DOT in writing to build a fly-over ramp to connect the Queensboro Bridge bike path to Second Avenue. Letters sent from T.A. to DOT on August 9 and August 20 remain unanswered, as does T.A.'s verbal request for a fly-over ramp made at a public meeting earlier in the year. Instead of addressing T.A.'s request, the DOT held two meetings with Community Board 8 on the issue without informing T.A. DOT's contempt for the cycling community's point of view on this critical East River bicycle crossing is distressing and counter-productive.

T.A. continues to seek a fly-over ramp for the bridge. We turn to City Council member Gifford Miller and Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields for their support in winning this important cycling improvement.

Write to City Council Member Gifford Miller and C. Virginia Fields and ask them to support the fly-over design.

Councilman Gifford Miller
336 E. 73rd St., Suite C
New York, NY 10021

Borough President C. Virginia Fields
Municipal Build. 19th Fl. So
New York, NY 10007

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