October/November 1999, p.9

T.A. Takes Back Adams Street Bike Lane

Just another car in the bike lane at the Brooklyn Marriott.Since the Adams Street bike lane was installed late last year it has rarely been truly "open" because of a never-ending stream of illegally parked cars. July 23 was a pleasant exception. As part of the Give Respect/Get Respect campaign, T.A.'s Brooklyn Committee kept the lane clear for morning bicycle commuters. The committee handed out mock summonses to drivers parked in the lane. The event got the attention of the local papers, the Daily News and the Marriott Hotel management, which on most days leaves cars standing and parked in the lane. The hotel removed them for the day and has committed to keeping the lane clear (see Letters, pg 26).

The next Give Respect/ Get Respect event will be Thursday October 21 on the Upper West Side. Call or e-mail Susan at T.A. for more information (bike@transalt.org).

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