October/November 1999, p.11

9/13/99 Marks 100 Years of Pedestrian Deaths

On September 13, 1899, Henry Bliss was struck and killed by an electric car at the corner of Central Park West and 74th Street, thus becoming the first pedestrian in NYC and North America killed by automobile.

Since then, T.A. estimates that 1.5 million New Yorkers have been hit by automobiles, and 30,000 killed. In NYC in 1998, almost 200 pedestrians were killed by automobiles, and 14,000 injured. Each day approximately 35 pedestrians are struck by autos in NYC, and over half of all traffic fatalities in NYC are pedestrians.

While the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths in New York City has been declining in recent years thanks to increased police enforcement, we are still behind other world-class cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and Sydney. Additionally, mid-year statistics show that NYC pedestrian deaths are once again on the rise.

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