October/November 1999, p.11

Morris Park in Arms Over Speeders in The Bronx

Residents of Morris Park have had enough of speeders. Pierce Avenue, which runs from Bronxdale Avenue to Williamsbridge Road in the east Bronx, passes Einstein Hospital, and is a popular shortcut. Residents, along with the community board, State Sen. Guy Velella, and City Councilwoman Madeline Provenzano have sent numerous letters to DOT requesting a stop sign or some kind of speed control device. DOT, however, has denied their request, saying that the location doesn't meet traffic count criteria, and that stop signs are to control safety, not speed.

While T.A. agrees that stop signs are not necessarily the solution to excess speed, speed humps and other traffic calming devices are often effective in slowing down drivers. T.A. Safe Routes to School Project Coordinator Ellen Cavanagh met with community leaders to explain traffic calming solutions. T.A. hopes to explore with DOT and area residents the possibility of reducing the speed limit on the street and installing traffic calming devices as a way of reining in the area's dangerous speeders and reducing short-cutting traffic.

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