October/November 1999, p.16-18

Our biggest ride ever!

About 3,500 cyclists from the five boroughs and beyond converged on New York City September 12th to experience the city from the best vantage point: two wheels.  And with this year's special "short" 35-mile route, more families than ever were out enjoying the beautiful weather Mother Nature provided.

Special rest stops, like the Beluga Whales at the NYC aquarium and a free carousel ride at Prospect Park make the day even more unique...not to mention free massage by Fingerworks back at the Central Park finish.

Here are some images from NYC Century day -- for more visit our web site at www.transalt.org.

Here they come to save the day…

Supermen of the Century
Patrick Cherilus
Patrick was to marshal, but an injury kept him at Central Park where he worked the entire day - helping at various stations, taking pictures, and charming everyone. "It's nice to volunteer to help pull those on the fence deeper into cycling."

Robert Eberwein
Robert put in many hours at the office, and spent his Saturday out on the Tri-Boro Bridge picking up mounds of glass. "I've always been a bit obsessive...and T.A. allows me to direct those energies to productive ends!"

John Henderson
Standing at the Bridge directing cyclists for 4 hours is no easy feat! "This is one of only two cyclings events I truly look forward to all year."

Andrew McConnell
Chipper Andrew was a marshal sweep but also spent many hours in Prospect Park, sending the longer route riders out of the Park and the 35'ers on to the zoo rest stop.

Eddie Melendez
A veteran Century marshal and cheerful 3:30 am volunteer who did just about every job there was that morning.

David Wismer
In addition to helping before the ride, David was also at Central Park at 4 am, rode as a marshal and was the last one out after unpacking the truck back at T.A. after 9 pm.

Thanks to everyone who helped before, during and after the NYC Century, including route markers (Clarence, John H., Ross, John W., Demetri, Joseph, James, Rich G. and the Bronx crew, and Amy) rest stop captains (Ken & Karen, Carter, Ken C., Matt, Jeff, and Steve) and volunteers, riding marshals (too many to name here - you know who you are!) - especially folks who directed cycle and car traffic, Ruth & Michael Rosenthal and the Central Parks volunteer team, all our medical, police, parks and DOT supporters, and last but not least, Wildlife Conservation Society folks Angie, Susann, Dominique, Tom, and Bob. Thanks all for making a difference and contributing to a great celebration of city cycling!