October/November 1999, p.20

Commuter of the Month: Preston B. Price

Occupation: Assistant manager at Patagonia in SoHo.
Commute: 40 minutes from Astoria across Queensboro Bridge, down Second Ave. across Houston.
Bike: 1991 Specialized Rockhopper, safety flasher on back.
Attire: Black helmet, padded riding tights, bright orange windbreaker or Patagonia "capilene" t-shirt.
How Long Commuting: One year in NYC. Before that three years in Atlanta - where I had a 35 minute ride.
Why did you start riding to work: I was lucky to have a shower at the Patagonia store I worked at in Atlanta. I couldn't pass up the chance to ride every day. It's fun and good exercise, plus let's not forget, good for the environment. I've ridden bikes all my life. I rode my bike to school in elementary school and junior high. Though, riding became uncool some time in high school. But, I started riding again in college to get around campus.
Riding in NYC: Compared to Atlanta, Chicago, LA and San Francisco, New York is the best place to ride. But the exposure to pollution scares me.
Parking at Work: There are bike racks in the store for employees that can park 8 bikes.
Response of coworkers: Most of them ride too. So it seems pretty normal to them.
Favorite thing about biking to work in NYC: The experience of the ride itself. The fun of riding in and out of traffic.
Memorable Experience: Seeing a woman in an all-white dress riding on Park Ave. The wind was blowing through her clothes and she looked like an angel on wheels.
Advice: Be simultaneously aggressive and defensive while you ride. Wear your helmet. Mine saved my life.

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