Winter 1999-2000, p.5

Bike Friendly Cab Doors?

Cabs make 400,000 trips a day in New York City, most south of 60th street in Manhattan. Recklessly driven cabs and opening cab doors present some of the biggest hazards cyclists face. The Department of City Planning 1999 survey reports that 31% of cyclists have been doored- making dooring the most common injury for NYC cyclists. In addition, cabs frequently double park and discharge passengers directly into the path of oncoming cyclists. Late last year, T.A. asked TLC to warn car passengers to look for oncoming cyclists before opening the door. The TLC responded that including a bike warning in the recorded celebrity message (played when passengers enter and exit the cab) was "technically unfeasible." The Commission did not respond to T.A.'s suggestion of placing warning stickers on cabs' interior partition and door. However, the TLC did agree that the safety of cyclists is a concern and says it will train drivers to remind passengers to look for cyclists. Although welcome news, stickers would further ensure cyclist safety by visually reinforcing the driver's reminder.

Ask the TLC for more driver safety training and "look for cyclists" stickers inside every cab.

Write to:
Diane McGrath-McKechnie
Chair, Taxi & Limousine Comm.
40 Rector Street
New York, NY 10006

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