Winter 1999-2000, p.5

Queensboro Bridge Path Delayed 'Til August 2000

Cyclists face another year of riding the weekday afternoon shuttle bus over the Queensboro BridgeWhoops. In March, we announced that full-time bicycle and pedestrian access to the North Outer Roadway of the Queensboro bridge would begin in late 1999. Now, the latest word from the Department of Transportation is that opening of the bridge's full-time bike and pedestrian path will be delayed until August 2000. We based our earlier announcement on information from officials at DOT and the Mayor's office, who, we later found out, were unacquainted with the specifics of the construction contract. The contract requires the North Outer Roadway be open for motor vehicle traffic during construction on the Inner Roadway. Thus, from February until the permanent path opens in August, cyclists and pedestrians will use the South Outer Roadway. Bridge users must use the much-disliked shuttle bus on weekdays from 2:30-7:30 pm.

On a less disappointing note, in late 1999 the DOT had a design consultant study the feasibility of building a fly-over ramp on the bridge that would connect the new bike path to Second Avenue, in addition to the existing connection to First Ave. T.A. continues to urge the DOT to pursue this extremely worthwhile and creative improvement to the QBB.

Write DOT Commissioner Chapman and congratulate him on recognizing the importance of providing better access to the Queensboro path. Urge him to obtain funds for the Queensboro bridge fly-over:

Write to:

Wilbur Chapman
Commissioner, NYC DOT
40 Worth St.
New York, NY

Also, write to Councilman Miller and Manhattan Borough President Fields. Remind them that we need their support for this critical improvement:

Councilman Gifford Miller
336 E. 73rd St., Suite C
New York, NY 10021

Borough President C. Virginia Fields
Municipal Build. 19th Fl. So.
New York, NY 10007

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