Winter 1999-2000, p.6

Cycling News: The Quest for Respect

A recent article, "Battling to Pull Over Bikes From Sidewalk Highway" in the New York Times, noted that "some [cyclists] don't even know what the law is." T.A. agrees, and educating cyclists is one reason we created the Give Respect/Get Respect Campaign two years ago.

T.A. held the 9th Give Respect/ Get Respect event on October 22nd, with participants spanning three generations of cyclists. With bicycles, signs and flyers in hand, the group traveled up Amsterdam Ave. from 72nd St. to 86th St., giving double parked motorists mock summonses and cyclists on the sidewalks or riding the wrong way tri-lingual educational flyers reminding them to ride lawfully.

The Give/Get actions alone effectively get the message out, but combined with a comprehensive educational campaign with the local police precincts, would prove to be even stronger. To this end, T.A. is working with Councilwomen Christine Quinn and Ronnie Eldridge to get the ball rolling on Manhattan's West Side.

To join us for our next Give/Get, sign up at or call Sue at 212-629-8080.

T.A. volunteer Ken Coughlin passes on the Give/Get word to fellow Upper West Side cyclists.

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