Winter 1999-2000, p.7

Misinformed Subway Conductor Found

In July, T.A. started receiving reports of a D train subway conductor who repeatedly announced that: "Bicycles are not allowed on subway trains, according to federal NTSB regulations. Those who violate the law will be subject to $100-$500 fines." While T.A. members know that 24-hour subway access was a T.A. win from many years back, many people were misled by the conductor. When T.A. asked NYC Transit to ensure that all of their employees were properly informed the agency's policy, Transit assured us that they would issue a reminder. Nevertheless, the erroneous announcements continue.

In December, a T.A. volunteer sleuth found a conductor, reportedly named "Reggie," making the misleading announcements. If you hear Reggie's, or any other conductors' mistaken message, call MTA Customer Services President David Goldenburg at 718-243-8881, and T.A. at 212-629-8080. If you can, record the date, time, location, the conductor's badge number, and the subway line.

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