Winter 1999-2000, p.9

$2 Million for Much-Needed Subway/Sidewalk Project

Over the next three years, the Departments of City Planning and Transportation will spend $2 million to improve pedestrian safety and access at 31 subway stations in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. The two-part project, dubbed the Subway Sidewalk Interface project, will explore a number of measures for each station, including the implementation of clear corner zones and sidewalk extensions, improved building and sidewalk lighting, adjustable and variable signal timing, pavement markings and a curb use plan to address vehicular congestion.

Initial study and several demonstration projects make up Phase I. It will focus on subway stations with narrow or obstructed sidewalks and corners, entrances within buildings, signal timing too short for pedestrian platoons exiting the subway, and where car passenger drop-off creates vehicular congestion. In Phase II, the DOT will design and construct street improvements.

T.A. has urged the city to devote $20 million to subway/sidewalk improvements during the next five years. Additionally, we've urged city officials to concentrate on widening sidewalks to reduce crowding, rather than diverting scarce resources to signs and markings. The project's Advisory Committee seeks public input; to find out more, contact DCP reps at 212.442.4635.

The City intends to spend $2 million improving pedestrian access at subway stations like this multi-transit one at the Fordham Road stop on the B/D line in The Bronx.

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